Jan Wright Watercolors

Jan Wright Watercolors, formerly Butterfly Visions, reflects current and past paintings of southwest watercolorist Jan Wright, who has been painting professionally since 1976. Jan Wright lives in an earthen roof home overlooking the Mesa Verde Range and calls Mancos, Colorado her home. Her love of the desert, canyons, ancient ruins, and rock art is evident in her intense and vivid watercolors.

Often hidden within the shadows, textures, and reflections of her landscapes may be a bird, animal, or Native Kachina. “It’s like seeing images in the clouds,” Wright says, “they’re in the stones and cliffs too.” Her sensitivity to the southwest landscape may have been influenced by studying with Native based shamans, certifying her in the healing arts, though at present her artwork has taken precedence.

‘Hands of the Ancients’ Medicine Cards consists of twenty-eight paintings of rock art, artifacts, dwellings, and symbolism from the Four Corners, where Wright lives, as well as a booklet explaining the energies related to each painting, all contained in a hand-painted bag. Published in the spring of 2015, this very well received divination deck aids the person drawing a card with their life’s daily decisions.

Also available through this website are posters, giclee fine art prints, greeting cards, as well as original paintings. Her torn painting collages have become very popular; “Better Parts of Several Rejects,” the title of her first college, has moved on to her creating parts of paintings to work into final compositions.

Jan has done over 22 one-woman shows throughout Utah, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado, and her work is in permanent collections of the Salt Lake County Arts Collection, Wells Fargo Bank of St. George, UT, Petrified Forest National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, CEU Prehistory Museum in Price, UT, and in many private collections throughout the country, Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Besides exhibiting at Artisans of Mancos  (www.artisansofmancos.com), Jan enters juried and membership shows at the Durango Art Center and surrounding communities. She was Mesa Verde Artist in Residence  in October of 2012.