Many of Jan’s images have been printed in plain, no text greeting cards, except Canyon Yule, which has a Solstice greeting. Perfect as greeting cards or to mat and frame as gifts or for your own enjoyment. All cards are reproductions of original watercolors. Look for hidden animals or ancient beings in many of them.

Cost per card is $3 with free shipping. For an order of 8 assorted or same cards, the cost is $20 with free shipping.

Jan Wright

13602 Road 33.6

Mancos CO 81328


Southwest Landscapes

The vibrancy and the very soul of the Southwest shine through in colorful renditions of the landscape that will speak to your senses.

Canyon Narrows

Magic and mystery abound in these canyon narrows paintings, for one always wonders what is around the next bend. Often an animal image graces these walls, so look carefully and be blessed.

The Four Directions

Many cultures honor the four sacred directions, Father Sky, and Mother Earth. Different colors and symbolism represent each of the directions. These paintings came from Jan’s spiritual connection to the animals and colors found in her studies of the Four Directions.