Chrysalis Cards Many of Jan’s images have been printed in plain, no text greeting cards, except Canyon Yule, which has a Solstice greeting. Perfect as greeting cards or to mat and frame as gifts or for your own enjoyment.

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Choose from any of these painting series:

Canyon Narrows Series Canyons hold mystery. What is around the next corner always intrigues us and leads us to wonder. Many of the Canyon Narrows hold spirit beings in the textures, shadows, and reflections that may have a message for us.

phentermine online cheapest Spirit Horse Canyon valium dosage 2mg (with Horse galloping) card 4 x 9″

Alot more O great Spirit Horse, awaken us to your Power, Freedom, and exuberance to gallop across the Land. article source We hear your spirit hooves thundering off deep canyon walls. We see your Light reflected by Day and Night. We feel within us the Power and Freedom to move forward.
Spirit Horse Canyon

Hummingbird Hollow

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helpful Hidden Hummingbird brings Joy to the canyons of our of Life, reminding us to taste of the sweet nectars.


Hummingbird Hollow (hummingbird)

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Crow Canyon II

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klonopin online The magic of Raven takes us deep into the dark canyons of our soul

Crow Canyon II

The Grand

find more The magnificence of the Grand Canyon makes us soar like an Eagle, touching great Beauty and Peace, yet knowing the fragility of Life within canyon walls.

The Grand II

phentermine online 2012 Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Canyon Yule card 5 x 7″


buying valium in spain Inside caption:

valium brand 10mg “Winter’s stillness Additional embraces the seed of Spring’s rebirth.”

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Canyon Yule

Southwest Landscapes

buy soma in virginia The deserts of the Southwest hold many secrets. Some speak of ancient past life, while some cling to life now.

Agave Magnificient and huge, this bigger than life Agave has survived hundreds of years in this spectacular, desert wilderness.


ordering xanax from mexico Big Bend National Park, Texas


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‘Ancient Living Window’

buy valium dominican republic Monument Valley, Utah & Arizona

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A window of ancient juniper looks into the wild, stark beauty of Monument Valley.
Ancient Living Window

Above Chinle Wash
Ancestral Puebloan site of Poncho House through a high window.

‘Above Chinle Wash’

Specifics Navajo Reservation, Utah

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‘Pueblo Dawn’ Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

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Stark morning light finds a lone grandmother sitting at sunrise.
Puebl Dawn

Before the Pueblo Wakes

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Pastel morning light shines on Taos.

‘Before the Pueblo Wakes’

more Taos, New Mexico

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‘Vernal Moonrise’ Monument Valley, Utah & Arizona


Bonus products card 4×6″

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Magical inspiration as the Sun set and the Moon rose.
Vernal Moonrise

Moonrise Over Walpi

cost of valium without insurance The ancient, mystical Hopi home on the edge.

‘Moonrise over Walpi’

linked First Hopi Mesa, Arizona card 4×6″

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‘Sunrise Sentinels’

soma online pharmacy uk Arches National Park, Utah card 4×6″

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They seem to whisper in the magic stillness.
Sunrise Sentinels

Visionary and Spiritual Spirit Beings sometimes show up when least expected within these Southwest landscapes and ancient dwellings.

Weaving the Cosmos Card card 4 x 10″
In many Native traditions, Grandmother Spider weaves the delicate yet strong Web of Life. Some believe the sky to be a woven basket into which the stars were placed at the time of Creation. The warp threads move upward into Father Sky; the weft is the woven path of Stars, Sun, and Moon to shine down their Light and blessings upon us.
Weaving the Cosmos

Mother Earth Grieves

purchase phentermine 37.5 mg online Solid as stone, yet fragile as She is, Mother Earth grieves for the loss of her Children, be they human, animal, bird, fish, tree, plant, or insect.

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Mother Earth Grieves

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‘Talavi’ Morning Singer

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From deep within a Kiva, a blue Light filters down. Is that a Kachina ascending to welcome in the New Day?

Emergence, Hopi Pot From a Hopi pot ascend many Kachina Spirits to honor Taawa, the Sky Father.

“Emergence” Hopi Pot

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Chaco Grandmother Spirit

purchase lorazepam Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, New Mexico

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phentermine 15mg tablets We feel your presence within these Chaco walls. Crescent moon and Pleiades shine down to you telling that you are not forgotten.
Chaco Grandmother Spirit

Deer Spirt Dancers

Information O Ancient Ones, we can almost hear the drumbeat, the rattles, the jingle of deertoes, and your low chanting as you honor and lure the deer to your ancient hunting grounds.

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Deer Spirits of Pueblo Bonito Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon Hational HIstoric Park, New Mexico

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Go Here card 4×6″

Bear Mediace over Chaco Canyon O Great Bear, you bless and watch over this sacred, ancient place. Your healing powers are felt.

Bear Medicine over Chaco Canyon

homepage Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, New Mexico card 4×6″

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Tsankawi Pot Tsankawi, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

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Ancient Ones of Tsankawi of Bandelier, you created this pot and these petroglyphs soma online order which now emerge and bless this place.
Tsankawi Pot

Corn Maiden of Bandelier You watch over your canyon where your many children once lived and worked and played and held ceremony. my link We are here now to honor your gifts.

Corn Maiden of Bandelier

A lot more Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

Facts card 4×6″

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Deer Dancer of Bandelier

valium prescription medicine Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

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We hear the heartbeat drummed as you emerge from the Kiva, great Deer Dancers. We honor your presence in this sacred canyon.
Deer Dancers

Corn Maiden Grinding Beneath ancient ruins of Bandelier, we sense your presence; we hear the grinding of your corn; we honor you who once lived and did ceremony in this sacred canyon.

Corn Maiden Grinding

Even more Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

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Four Directions

reliable online pharmacy phentermine Many cultures honor the four sacred directions, Father Sky, and Mother Earth. Different colors and symbolism represent each of the directions. These paintings came from Jan’s spiritual connection to the animals and colors found in her studies of the Four Directions.

North Winter ~ Vision ~ Wisdom

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Web Site card 4×6
In Hopi Legend, our Dreams, Visions, and Remembrance Of our True Nature are lovingly taken from us at Birth, And stored in the Crystal Land of the North. Here the Grandmothers and Grandfathers keep them safe until we are strong enough in the world to call them back to ourselves. Then each Vision Animal gently speaks to us of Who We Truly Are and releases our dreams through Crystals and Rainbow Light.

East Mother Earth gives birth to the Sun in the form of Squash Blossom, representing new life, creativity, and fertility. Hummingbird tastes the sweet nectars of Life, brings Joy to all, and pollinates the flower. The Rainbow Sky is filled with Butterfly joy and transformation


This Site Spring ~ New Beginnings

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Advice ~ Summer ~ Strength ~ Courage ~ Passion

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Red Tail Hawk grasps the fiery Sun of the South; Badger helps us gain strength and courage to face our fears; Snake reminds us to shed old ways which no longer serve us; Coyote tells us to bring humor and Light to all we do; Ancients speak to us of our ancestry and connection to All there is.

West As we release our darkness, grief, and pain, Raven carries them on iridescent wings into the Rainbow Light for transformation and renewal. In the Haida Legend, Raven steals the sun to return it to the People so Life can prosper.


buy adipex phentermine 37.5 ~ Fall ~ Going Within

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Around This card 4×6