Current Exhibits

Southwest Memorial Hospital

Jan Wright’s artwork is in Southwest Memorial Hospital.


Hands of the Ancients’ Mancos Public Library

August through September 2015. Original 8 x 10″ watercolors by Jan Wright, which were then published in Jan’s ‘Hands of the Ancients’ Medicine Cards ~ Guidance from the Four Corners, a divination deck of 28 paintings of rock art, dwellings, and artifacts and sold on this website and in Artisans of Mancos.


Butterfly Panel

Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park petroglyph.


Kiva Bowl

Long House & Chapin Mesa Museum, Mesa Verde National Park.


Great Bear Panel

Potash Road near Moab, UT.

Previous Exhibits

Taylor Raymond Gallery

In September of 2014, Jan Wright joined Taylor Raymond Gallery, 835 Main Avenue in Durango, CO with many reputable artists from Durango and surrounding area.

Of the selection of Jan’s watercolors are Luminaria Night Magic II, Ancient Ascension, and Petroglyph Point Passage.


View into the Past’ Watercolors by Jan Wright, Sculptures by Janet Lever-Wood Olio ~ Restaurant, Specialty Wines, ART!

114 Grand Ave, Mancos, CO 533-1381

August through September 2015. Jan exhibits over thirty watercolors of dwellings, potsherds, and ancient symbolism, complemented by Janet’s beautiful sculptures and pottery.

Luminaria Night Magic

Mesa Verde National Park. The second Thursday of December, paths and Spruce Tree House are magically lit by candles and lanterns; music resounds through the park, and there are free chili and hot drinks.

Cliff Palace Remnants

Mesa Verde National Park. Potsherds of black and white Mesa Verde pottery set the stage for Cliff Palace.


The Grand

Grand Canyon with Hidden Eagle. From Jan’s series of Canyon Narrows comes this large, rich painting of textures, shadows, and reflections.