Gliclee (Fine Art, Archival) Prints of Jan Wright Watercolors Printed by Patrick Paul Rene

valuable Signed and numbered. All prices are marked by size.
Orders of any desired size are welcome. Contact Jan for pricing.
Shipping & Handling prices are for US only; for International, call Jan at 970-882-3130.

Luminaria Night Magic Celebrating the first Thursday of December at Mesa Verde National Park ~
when Spruce Tree House and paths are lit with luminaria, music abounds,
and there is free hot chili and cocoa.

blog link 14 x 10″ $50 rolled, S&H $5; $70 shrink-wrapped, S&H $10

zolpidem 21.5 x 16″ $180 rolled, S&H $10; $225 shrink-wrapped, S&H $20
Agave From ‘A Return to Texas’ exhibit shown in Austin, TX came this Agave again
st the Chisos Mts. in Big Bend.

that site 12.5 x 11″ $50 rolled, S&H $5; $70 shrink-wrapped, S&H $10

Read This 25.5 x 22″ $250, S&H rolled $10; $325 shrink-wrapped, S&H $25

The Grand

Related Site Not only is the Grand Canyon grand, but hidden within the cliff shapes and textures is an Eagle. 14 x 10.5″ $50 rolled, S&H $5; $70 shrink-wrapped, S&H $10 21.4 x 16″ $180 rolled, S&H $20; $225 shrink-wrapped, S&H $20

Ancient Ascension Extended Kiva ladders give an ethereal mood, allowing us to reflect, “Where did they go?” 17.75 x 8.4″ $60 rolled, S&H $8; $90 shrink-wrapped, S&H $15

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Kachina Kanyon A graceful Long Hair Kachina, “Bringer of Gentle Rains,” rests on the back wall of this magical canyon scene. The first of Jan’s Canyon Narrow series, the wooden Kachina, carved by a Hopi master, belongs to her.

ambien shakiness 15 x 7.5″ $60 rolled, S&H $8; $90 shrink-wrapped, S&H $15

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