Original Paintings

Jan Wright Watercolors exhibit a vibrancy, detailed textures, and deepening shadows not always seen in watercolor paintings.  Knowing which colors can be layered without becoming muddy creates a glow within her landscapes.

Often hidden within the shadows, textures, and reflections of her landscapes may be a bird, animal, or Native Kachina. “It’s like seeing images in the clouds,” Wright says, “they’re in the stones and cliffs too.”

Her sensitivity to the southwest landscape may have been influenced by studying with Native based shamans, certifying her in the healing arts, though at present her artwork has taken precedence. Her work reflects this deep spiritual connection to the landscape and ancient ruins.

Having been a Mesa Verde Volunteer, Artist in Residence there, then having coordinated the program for three years, and having exhibited at Far View Lodge for six years, Jan’s connection with Mesa Verde is strong, as evidenced in Mesa Verde Vistas below. Jan created several exhibits based on her theme Canyon Narrows, where hidden beings are expressed in the cliffs and reflections.

Many of the original paintings shown below are sold; however, requests may be made for commissions to be made similar to what is seen by contacting Jan directly. Some of the images are available in archival giclee prints. Also, requests may be made to ship framed or unframed.

Mesa Verde Vistas

With one of America’s most famous national parks, Mesa Verde, nearly in Jan’s backyard, she captures the light and feeling of awe that you will experience on each visit.

Canyon Narrows

Magic and mystery abound in these canyon narrows paintings, for one always wonders what is around the next bend. Often an animal image graces these walls, so look carefully and be blessed.

Visionary and Spiritual

Jan’s love of and fascination with ancient and powerful Native sites allows her to sense the Beings that still live there. Often figures will emerge as the watercolor goes onto the paper.

Southwest Landscapes

The vibrancy and the very soul of the Southwest shine through in colorful renditions of the landscape that will speak to your senses.