Papillon Posters

visit Jan offers another option to enjoy her images. Selected images of her inspiring paintings have been made into posters, including southwest scenes, a Kiva ladder with hidden animals, and a colorful Coyote tale collage.

Cost of each is $25 if shrink-wrapped, $10 if rolled in a tube with free shipping.

Upon request, other images may be made into posters. Costs will be determined by size and quality desired. Please contact Jan with request.

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Read Full Report Jan Wright
13602 Road 33.6
Mancos CO 81328

Coyote Tosses the Stars

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ambien related deaths Coyote Tosses the Stars is a colorful, child like collage reflecting a Native creation story: At the time of creating the Earth, the deities were carefully placing the stars in the sky with perfect order in mind. Along came Coyote and wanted to help. As the deities were resting, Coyote grabbed the bag of stars and began dancing and singing as he threw the stars into the sky. He was just about to get caught so he took the bag and heaved it into the heavens… and that is why we have the Milky Way today!

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image 8 x 15

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Kiva Ladder .

Kiva Ladder  

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ambien cr diabetes Kiva Ladder poster has 22 hidden animals and feathers within the darkened walls of the Kiva. It is fun to find each of the animals. This poster announced an exhibit called ‘Windows’ ~ Watercolors of Jan Wright at Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding, Utah. image 11 x 17  

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Delicate Arch in
the Snow

Arches National Park

Delicate Arch in the Snow reflects the spectacular arch in southern Utah against a cold winter sky. If one squints one eyes at the winter sun, lines of light will intersect sky and landscape. Delicate Arch stands majestically in the snow.

image 15 x 20

Delicate Arch in the Snow

Before the Pueblo Wakes

Before the Pueblo Wakes



Before the Pueblo Wakes shows Taos Pueblo in a soft pink, early morning light before anyone stirs.

image 14 x 20


Moonrise over Walpi

First Hopi Mesa

Moon over Walpi displays First Hopi Mesa’s magic with its ancient feel. Atop a cliff, this magical, ancient home to the Hopi keeps watch over the vast desert below.

image 14 x 22

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