Original Watercolors

Just as the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, Jan Wright's colorful watercolor paintings spread their wings and take flight and find their way to new homes, bringing color, light, and inspiration to all who see them.

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Jan's Watercolors are sometimes very vibrant and others delightfully subtle. To fully enjoy her images we suggest you use Mozilla firefox or Chrome as your browser.

Mesa Verde Vistas

With one of America's most famous national parks, Mesa Verde, nearly in Jan's backyard, she captures the light and feeling of awe that you will experience on each visit.

Doorways into the Cosmos

Far View Site, Mesa Verde National Park

Peering into the doorways at Far View dwelling, one wonders where it might lead us. Will it take us into the deep space cosmos of our imaginations?

18 x 15

Mesa Verde Collage

Mesa Verde Collage in watercolor

Petroglyph Point featured in Mesa Verde landscape

22 x 30″ framed

Mesa Verde Remnants

Mesa Verde Remnants is an original watercolor.

View of Cliff Palace and pot sherds from Chapin Mesa Museum.

Mesa Verde Artist in Residence, October 2012
27 x 22″ framed

Through the Doorway

Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde N.P.
15 x 12″ framed

Luminaria Night Magic

SOLD as original watercolor. Available as giclee fine art print.

In early December, Mesa Verde National Park invites people from all over to enjoy paths lit by candles, leading down to Spruce Tree House that is magically lit with lanterns. Music fills the air, but visitors enjoy the stillness and enchantment of this special place that once housed the Ancient Ones. Voices are kept low. There is the constant clicking of cameras. The cosmos above celebrates in a dance of color.

Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park

39 x 30″

Cliff Palace Remnants

Vesa Verde’s beautiful Cliff Palace with pot sherds from Chapin Mesa Museum

32 x 39″

Balcony House Morning Singer

Mesa Verde National Park
23 x 28 framed

Petroglyph Point in Passing

Watercolor Collage from Mesa Verde
Spruce Tree House and Petroglyph Point panel brings such a unique expression of what Mesa Verde offers.

25 x 30″ framed

Shadow Creates Form

Long House, Mesa Verde N.P.
Artist in Residence, October 2012
Currently viewed at Taylor Raymond Gallery, Durango, CO
18 x 21″ framed

Crow Mother Creates the Cosmos

36 x 13″ framed

Canyon Narrows

Magic and mystery abounds in these canyon narrows paintings, for one always wonders what is around the next bend. Often an animal image graces these walls, so look carefully and be blessed.

The Grand

Not for Sale

The great Grand Canyon with hidden Eagle in the canyon walls. In JanWright’s permanent collection. Available in gliclee fine art print and card.
40 x 32″ framed

The Grand

The magnificence of the Grand Canyon makes us soar like an Eagle, touching great Beauty and Peace yet knowing the fragility of Life within canyon walls.

20 x16″

Zion Canyon Narrows

Deep within the canyon, one feels so small as the water swirls around ankles. Layers upon layers of rock, carved by wind and water, tower above.

30 x 24″

Papillon Passage

Colorful butterfly hides within the canyon, bringing light to all. This original painting is Jan’s business card.

7 x 6″

Crow Canyon III

Raven hides deep within the canyon, wings, tail, and head as part of the landscape

11 x 9″

Hummingbird Hollow III

Hummingbird, so delicate yet so strong, you hide in this colorful canyon, making it yours.

12.5 x 9″

Pony Passage

Playful pony leaps through this colorful canyon with ancient petroglyphs telling us you were once here long ago.

14.5 x 9.5″

Hummingbirds’ Hollow

Six hummingbirds are hidden within the colors and textures and reflections of this canyon.

18.75 x 15″

Visionary and Spiritual

Jan's love of and fascination with ancient and powerful Native sites allows her to sense the Beings that still live there. Often figures will emerge as the watercolor goes onto the paper.

Doorways Chaco Canyon
Mixed Media Paintings

An Ancient One sits in the multi-dimensional world of Chaco Canyon, Pueblo Bonito doorways. Other symbols and doorways, suns and landscapes deepen the scene with meaning. Mixed Media

28 x 22″

Moon House Mystery
Mixed Media Painting

Moon House, on Cedar Mesa in southern Utah, is a magical place. This mixed media painting reflects the multi-dimensional feeling of this site.

15 x 22″

Ancient Solitude

Jan’s currently most popular paintings, having sold over thirty of these little cliff dwelling paintings, are inexpensive and mounted in an 18 x 9” frame. Call or email Jan to order either a more realistic rendering, such as this one, or with overly extended ladders.

SOLD, Commissions encouraged!

15 x 5″

Ladders To the Past

Where did they go? Who were these ancient people who perched their homes and sacred places on the edges of cliffs?

34 x 10″

Ancient Mystery

One of Jan’s more popular themes, the long ancient ladders lend a spiritual feeling to the dramatic cliffs and dwellings. This accentuated vertical painting is exhibited at Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde through October of 2012.

35 x 10″

Hopi Shaman

A vision of my beloved companion for fourteen years. Hopi Dog became Hopi Shaman with blue smoke from his funeral pyre, butterflies bringing light and peace, and kiva ladder for his ascent.

Commissions of your loved one welcome

35 x 19 ”


Patches Passage

Old Paint who came with my property, now on the Other Side, free from physical burdens to roam the skies in joy.

12 x 9″

Equine Shaman

What form do these magnificent horses take once they pass from this world?

12 x 9″

Kachina Bridge, Natural Bridges, Utah

Beneath Kachina Bridge dances an Eagle Kachina in the reflection.

12 x 18

Emergence into the Fourth World

At the time of the great Emergence, the People were sent to the Four Directions in their Migragion. The White race was given the element of Fire and sent to the North; the Yellow race was given Air and sent East; the Red race was given Earth and went South; and the Black race was given Water and sent West. One day, ALL People will come together as One to share their knowledge of each element… Or will we?

20 x 24″

Southwest Landscapes

The vibrance and the very soul of the Southwest shines through in colorful renditions of the landscape that will speak to your senses.

Hovenweep New Moon

Watercolor extended uniquely onto matte
16 x 20 framed

Ghost Ranch Range

Colorful cliffs above Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico, graced by prickly pear cactus.

Commisions are welcome