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    ‘Hands of the Ancients’ Medicine Cards

    ‘Hands of the Ancients’ Medicine Cards ~ Guidance from the Four Corners is a divination deck of 28 watercolors by Jan Wright of rock art, ancient Native symbols, artifacts, and dwellings in the area. Colorful collages represent each of the seven sacred directions, which in many Native traditions consist of the four cardinal directions, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Heart.

    Above Chinle Wash
    Navajo Reservation, Utah

    Ancestral Puebloan site of Poncho House through a high window.

    card 5×7″

    Big Bend National Park, Texas

    Magnificient and huge, this bigger than life Agave has survived hundreds of years in this spectacular, desert wilderness.

    card 5 x 7″

    Ancient Living Window
    Monument Valley, Utah & Arizona

    A window of ancient juniper looks into the wild, stark beauty of Monument Valley.

    card 5×7″

    Ancient Mystery

    One of Jan’s more popular themes, the long ancient ladders lend a spiritual feeling to the dramatic cliffs and dwellings. This accentuated vertical painting is exhibited at Far View Lodge at Mesa Verde through October of 2012.

    35 x 10″

    Ancient Solitude

    Jan’s currently most popular paintings, having sold over thirty of these little cliff dwelling paintings, are inexpensive and mounted in an 18 x 9” frame. Call or email Jan to order either a more realistic rendering, such as this one, or with overly extended ladders.

    SOLD, Commissions encouraged!

    15 x 5″

    Balcony House Dawn

    Perched on a precarious ledge, Balcony House reveals its magic in early morning light.

    14 x 19″

    Balcony House Morning Singer

    Mesa Verde National Park
    23 x 28 framed

    Bear Medicine over Chaco Canyon
    Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, New Mexico

    O Great Bear, you bless and watch over this sacred, ancient place. Your healing powers are felt.

    card 4×6″

    Before the Burn

    Quiet. Solitude. Night sounds.
    All is at peace.
    Night moon gently reflects upon Cedar Tree House Tower before the big fires of 2001 too the cedar trees

    11 x 17″

    Before the Pueblo Wakes

    Before the Pueblo Wakes shows Taos Pueblo in a soft pink, early morning light before anyone stirs.

    image 14 x 20

    Before the Pueblo Wakes
    Taos, New Mexico

    Pastel morning light shines on Taos.

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