Tools for Change

Tools for Change

From Jan’s many years of experiencing her own spiritual awakening, she has created many tools for healing, transformation, and ceremony. Jan will create for you your own personal shield, fan, rattles, beadwork for a bag, or dream catcher on a commission basis. Should you not be aware of your animal guide, she can perform upon request a pipe ceremony to journey to discover your personal totem animal and then create a healing tool for you. Each of these objects are embued with Jan’s prayers for healing, protection, and your personal intention.

hyperlink Prices vary depending on amount of time, painting, and beadwork put into the creation. Prices begin with a small feathered wand for $50 and could go as high as $250 for a large, fully beaded fan with fringe. Rattles are time intensive and vary in price. Cost of shields vary depending on size, beginning at $75, with a large 24 inch, hand painted, leather shield for $250. Dream Catchers, either with objects or a round watercolor of your totem animal in the center range from 6 inch ~ $20, 10 inch ~ $35, 12 inch ~ $50, larger ~ $100. Jan’s beaded flute bags, ceremonial or tobacco bags, and pipe bags begin at $50. Please contact Jan to order your personal Tool for Change.

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lorazepam shipped c,o,d, bear ShieldJan’s SHIELDS are created from willow, representing flexibility and endurance, and covered with leather. Then objects, stones, or animals are painted, beaded, or mounted on the leather. Usually feathers (all legal) are hung from each shield. Shields represent what we are working on, what we honor, and what protects us in our transformative time. They are powerful tools for healing, gaining strength, and growing spiritually. Jan empowers each shield with prayers for healing, abundance, protection, and honoring.

keep reading butterfly logo Ceremonial FanTurtle RattleJan’s FANS are wood, mainly willow, covered in leather and intricately beaded in peyote stitch manner. They may have fringe hanging down or fur mounted around the feathers, and they may be fully or partially beaded, depending on time and cost. (See above pricing.) Only legal (domestic or game birds) feathers are used. Fans and wands (fewer feathers) are used for cleansing an aura, a room or space, or a person needing healing. Often smudge is used, either by lighting sage or sweet grass or blessed tobacco. additional RATTLES are created from turtle shells or gourds and have within them crystals from ant hills which are placed with prayers, making the tool a powerful instrument.

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website here Dream CatcherDREAM CATCHERS are another healing tool believed, if hung over one’s bed, to catch the bad dreams and allow the good ones through. Jan uses mainly willow found near her home, which because it bends easily with the wind and has its roots near water represents our ability to move easily, to be flexible, and to feel and honor the winds of change against our faces. Jan then intricately ties knots circling around the frame toward the center, either leaving a space to hang a precious object or feather there or a small watercolor painting of an animal or bird of significance. Though Jan adds charms, stones, beads, and feathers, one may also tie on their own personal objects to make the dream catcher even more personal and special.

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valium thailand buy Hands of the Ancients cardsRam Card‘HANDS OF THE ANCIENTS’ MEDICINE CARDS, currently out of print but in process of revision, consisted of 22 paintings of rock art of the Southwest, thus bringing the ancient energy into the present. A small booklet suggested lessons and messages from the significance of each card drawn. Often a person would draw a card for the day to see what energy to look forward to; or one could ask a question, like “How can I best deal with this person or situation in my life at this time?” Yvette Saint-Villiers, spiritual reader and former owner of Taos Spirit Metaphysical Shop says, “The ‘Hands of the Ancients’ Medicine Cards resonate with many people. When customers were inspired to draw a card from the deck, they always received an affirmation for the message they were seeking.”

Alot more If you are interested in receiving information when ‘Hands of the Ancients II,’ 44 paintings of international rock art including those from the first deck, is printed, please email Jan.

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more information wolf ‘ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS ~ A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING QUEST’ is a collection of eleven short stories of Jan’s experiences with different animal encounters. Each exciting short story includes animal habits and myths to help us understand their presence in our lives and is illustrated by a painting, shield, dream catcher, or beaded fan of Jan’s creation. This book has yet to be printed. Those interested may email her below.

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